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Help - How to Turn off Telegram Chat Group Notifications

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Latest Deals has a deal notification service on Telegram.

We also have a private group / chat on Telegram called the LD Deals Group Chat.


The LD Deals Group Chat is where everyone can write a message. This can lead to many notifications and you may wish to turn them off.

How to turn off notifications from group chat in Telegram

  • On mobile, press the icon of the group on the top right.
  • Press 'Notifications'
  • Press 'Disable'

You can also...

  • On mobile, press 'Settings' on the bottom right of the Telegram app
  • Press 'Notifications'
  • Scroll down to 'Group Notifications'
  • Uncheck 'Show Notifications'

How do I quit the Telegram group chat?


  • In Telegram app on mobile, swipe the group chat to the left
  • Press Delete
  • Press 'Leave Group'
  • (You can always join the group again, just press this link)
Will I still get the round-up of deals?
  • If you just want the daily round-up of deals, subscribe to the Latest Deals channel on Telegram: Press here to join
  • This is separate to the group and you will only get deal round-up notifications.
4 months ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19844 months ago

I will have to skipthis chat sorry Tom i hate my pbone beeping all time

Original Poster
4 months ago

Yup, no worries! Follow the steps to mute the chat or to leave it 👍

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