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Help us grow Latest Deals: Write unique content


You want the best deals. You want the best deal hunters. You want to help people save money.

We can build this together.

To grow, we need to be seen.

Google is a big part of this. Because if you can get your deals higher on Google you can attract more people to follow you and save money.

And Google loves unique content.

Help Latest Deals grow into the best deal sharing community on the planet.

When sharing a deal, voucher, freebie or competition, write a sentence or two of unique content explaining what the deal is, how to get it, and any extra information.

What do you think of this?
nemosays8 months ago

Awesome information. Likewise if you or your team can give us feedback on deals posted then it will be greatly appreciated to learn further as we go


Tom8 months ago

Thanks nemosays! Will do.