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HELP - Why Can't I Post a Comment?


If you can't post a comment, there may be three reasons:

1. Commenting Disabled

  • You are no longer permitted to post comments.
  • Why? This is usually because our system has noticed spam, copy and paste, duplicate comments, manipulation of comments to get points, rude comments, unsafe content, unsafe links or the use of multiple accounts.
How Do I Get Commenting Back?
  • You need to understand that Latest Deals is a community seeking genuine and helpful contribution.
  • To get commenting back, you need to contact us, explain what you think may have been wrong, and how you are going to change it going forward.
  • We will review your account, review comments made, and make the decision on a case-by-case basis. This may take several weeks.
I Don't Think I Did Anything Wrong
  • If you think your comments have been disabled wrongly, and the above reasons do not apply, please contact us.
  • We will review your account and your comments.
2. There May Be a Bug
  • Like all websites, sometimes we have technical problems. This may include commenting issues.
  • If you're struggling to write a comment and think it may be a technical problem, please contact us and select "Tech Support".
3. You Are a Company Trying To Post Your Own Deals (Work With Us)
  • If you are a company and would like to post on Latest Deals, go to contact us and select "Work With Us".
  • Latest Deals is a community website and does not accept self promotion (read our Guidelines). Your account may have been suspended in the meantime. Please get in touch with the reason, "Work With Us"

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2 years ago
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