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Home Schooling - How's it Going?

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How’s everyone getting on with home schooling your little darlings?

I have 5 kids ranging in age from 2-14, I have been enjoying spending time with them but my goodness they have been given so much work . What has your experience been?

11 days ago
What do you think of this?
nina09097611 days ago

My daughter who's 14 has been really good with getting her homework done,although they have been given more homework than usual to keep them busy.The teacher has been in touch twice,at one point not receiving her work,luckily we had screen shots 😇They might have live classes at one point,we dont pressure her though,just said to get things done when she reallys feels up to it.

My son who's 9 has been reading quite a bit,has online apps,again no pressure from us,he also does his martial arts via zoom to keep him busy.We can email completed work if we wish,the schools been great supplying tasks but no pressure to complete them all.

It's still tough though,they like to argue at times....everyone has off days,good days,lazy days 🙂 overall it's been ok xx

Original Poster
11 days ago

I know what you mean I’m trying not to apply too much pressure but I don’t want them to fall too far behind x

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