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Hospitals Must Boost Doctors' Pay Urgently to Avoid Winter crisis,NHS Boss Says

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NHS trusts have been ordered to immediately boost doctors’ pay in order to avoid a winter crisis sparked by pension and tax rules. 

Hospital managers have been instructed to have urgent “extraordinary” meetings to agree extra payments in order to ensure there are sufficient medics to cover shifts. 

Trusts have also been ordered to open more beds, following an NHS “stocktake” process to assess readiness for winter. 

A letter from Dame Pauline Philip, NHS national urgent and emergency care director, warns that staff shortages are the “most significant challenge” facing the health service now. 

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis7 months ago

In my main job before retirement, I had to go over personal paperwork quite a lot. I once had a doctor in my office who used a payslip as part of his proof of i.d. and I will be honest, I was absolutely disgusted how low his pay was. It was not significantly more than what the fully trained nurses earn.

ACR7 months ago

The NHS needs to hire a lot more doctors and other medical staff to address the yearly winter crisis. There are currently thousands of NHS job vacancies that need to be filled. In addition, there needs to be pension reforms for doctors, as they are currently being financially penalized for working additional shifts - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-48903913

Pjran7 months ago

Part of the problem is doctors earn more working for agencies costing the NHS huge sums to fill their vacancies. These locum doctors can pick and choose their working hours and are significantly better off.

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