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Huaweis Plan to Escape Google Could Fix Android for Everyone

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Huawei has stopped sidestepping the unavoidable question – no Google, what next? After suggesting it could (eventually) make its own smartphone operating system, built on Harmony OS in 2019, Huawei is now unequivocal – for the foreseeable future, it’s all in with its Google Mobile Services (GMS) free version of Android.

The long term partnership with Google saw Huawei launch the jewel in its crown, the P30 Pro, which, a year on, is still an easy phone to recommend. But, there’s a big question mark over its more recent, arguably better-specced devices like the Mate 30 Pro and upcoming Huawei Mate Xs, given the fact they don’t support essential features like access to the Google Play Store.

1 month ago
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KazLou1 month ago

I have the Huawei P30 Pro and it's a really good phone and easy to use but the WiFi drops all the time by itself so I ilways miss on on Facebook deals ext and miss my messages on messenger it is so annoying I don't think I will be keeping it for long if it doesn't improve

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