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Iceland Getaways This December


Looking for a holiday package to Iceland this December.

Does anyone have any great deals or experiences?

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
Jamala9 months ago

Iceland is stunning ... will be lovely in December. Depends what sort of holiday you want. If its Reykjavic, the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon, hire a 4 wheeler from one of the local companies like icerental 4x4 or sixt, the vehicles aren't new but are ok. If driving check forecast before driving conditions change quickly and it may be a condition of your insurance. Get the best deal you can find for flights and accommodation. Iceland is unbelievably expensive, buy food at supermarkets, take a flask with you and some coffee or tea and a bottle or two of your favourite tipple. Beware zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Make sure you book in advance for the Blue Lagoon and don't be late. Although we enjoyed the more natural hot springs just as much for half the price... and yes you do have to shower naked before getting in. And give the fermented shark a miss!! When eating out a lot of places do thick soups and stews along with bread, pay your money and fill up like the locals do. Icelandic food is generally not very exciting. Everywhere takes cards even taxis so don't worry about currency. But enjoy it, the scenery is stunning and the towns and cities offer so much it really is a wonderful place.

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