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Inflated before Prices

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I posted a deal about a week ago for a garden gazebo. At the time the before price was £115 and the sale price was £69. I had a message mentioning it’s expired, now on the website they have the before price as £230 and the sale price of £149. Things like this really put me off using a company in the future.

This is why I like using amazon because there are ways of checking the price history to check if it’s a genuine discount. I wonder if it’s just an amazon thing or does anyone know of any price trackers that work on general sites?

a week ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarca week ago

If there's demand and they know there's people interested, they'll bump up the price. It's annoying, but kinda got used to it.

Just buy elsewhere.

Golfforalla week ago

I've advised members so many times (to little effect it seems ) to know the "value" of an item and NEVER buy solely on the "discount" of a totally made up "original " price .

Amazon marketplace sellers are absolutely the worst for this practise , closely followed by voucher sites like Wowcher , Groupon etc .

Just look at identical (but for the brand sticker ) Chinese made items eg Muscle massagers, resistance bands , shavers etc etc all with totally made up original prices - still expensive with huge discounts , vouchers etc taken off the "fictitious" original price .

Unfortunately the Amazon price checker or Camel,Camel,Camel is only really accurate on mainstream , branded items and is not much use on all the Chinese "tat" posted daily under various unknown "brand" stickers .

Before you buy anything of Chinese origin check out identical ( but for the brand sticker) items on Amazon and EBay to understand the "value" of the item - look at the photos (usually the identical item "photo shopped " with a different brand sticker ) .

I've repeated this advice many times over the last few years on here and it has seemingly fallen on deaf ears ?

Of course if all deal posters followed my example by double checking any deal before they post it , the problem could be minimised ? As long as members click and post as a deal anything with a False Discount (3 times a day? ) and other members "like" -or worse , actually waste their money buying said item then there is little hope .

Members be savvy , know the value of an item before "liking " or buying - Never buy due to a discount or voucher off a totally made up price . Yes I know -wasting my breath yet again 😒.

BonzoBananaa week ago

To be honest the Latestdeal site relies on such deals most of the time. The vast majority of deals posted here are fake deals with ridiculous before and after prices which a simple bit of googling will find many better deals almost instantly. The site is setup to catch those consumers who are naive enough to assume its a real deal to generate affiliate income for the site. I would very strongly recommend you google the actual product to make sure you aren't paying too much. If its a Chinese product that is sold under many brands then use google lens to find it which often works quite well. The other day I went through the 25 deals and every single one I gave a negative response to. None of them were real deals in my opinion. That's a 100% non deals. It doesn't matter how a price is manipulated the only price that really matters is the end price you pay.

Just like the retailers themselves Latestdeals is a commercial site setup to generate income for its owners and staff as their no.1 priority.

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