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We live in an age of evermore rules as to how we must interact with each other. No longer is it appropriate to use language or actions that imply any type of hatred; racial, sexist, ageist, any type of hate crime, policemen cannot clip kids round the ear, parents cannot smack, even touching someone as you speak to them is often misconstrued. So many rules which are, in the main, correct. So, this is my question: Why are so many human beings still full of hatred, aggression, violence and generally going out of their way to make others miserable or hurt in the 21st Century? The scenes of vile language and pure hatred by demonstrators today really brought it home to me that we have not evolved, merely become cleverer at making our way of life more comfortable. How can such cleverness that brings about a tiny machine to communicate, technology that seems almost impossible to comprehend, yet still invent machines to effectively kill more and better and still harbour absolute evil in our hearts. Beyond me😒πŸ˜₯

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
cetiyo2 years ago

Is this a joke or are you being serious?

AgnesFaludi2 years ago

Artifical intelligence should answer this complex question.

Original Poster
2 years ago

True, but who wants to live with or be a robot? Humans should be able to exercise control.

hspexy2 years ago

I have always believed that a lot of things in life follow a downward U shape on a graph - so we start at the bottom with not very much, and then there is an incline which can symbolise progress and successful, but then we hit a peak...and then it all drops down again. I'd use this analogy perhaps to describe not only mankind, but all species in general - it sounds bleak but I am pretty sure we are at the other side of the peak now

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