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How Has Inspired/motivated You the Most?

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For me, it is people who came up with great inventions and those who are kind in the world despite their circumstances.

I read, and see a lot of inspirational and motivational things happening in the world.

It is also my Grandma from my mum's side who has sadly passed away a long time ago, and my mum who is filled with so much love, care and compassion. Both lived (my mum does not have a hard life anymore 🙂 hard lives and they are incredible women!!!

Women who own business of their own and mothers as well as carers are all inspirational to me and motivate me to be a women of influence myself!

4 months ago
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MrsCraig4 months ago

My son and my best friend.

My son has been through so much in just a short time but he handled it so well and is just the most amazing wee boy. He is such a fighter.

My best friend won the bbc sports personality unsung hero award last year because she works so hard to help others. She has battled mental health issues for years but she uses her own struggles to help and encourage others. If you watched bbc breakfast on Friday you would have seen her. She is the best role model for my wee man as she is also a fighter and doesn't give in.

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