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Interesting Events in Scotland Re Exam Marking /Assessments by Teachers .

In the News

We already know that throughout the UK exam marks (as assessed by teachers ) were 10 -15% higher than previous years . I suppose that's understandable , though obviously they had to be moderated down in some way .

The Scots used a school's historic performances to do this moderation . Didn't go down well ! So the inflated exam results (assessments) stand .

We also know the rest of the UK's results are out Thursday (with a few exceptions ) . Will these be moderated down or left to stand at 10 -15% above previous years ?

Now the problem !

If results are moderated down it will give a huge advantage to Scottish pupils applying for various "good " universities . If they are not moderated down then tens of thousands of pupils will have the grades for the said "Good " universities .

I have no iron in the fire on this one but what will happen is interesting .

Me , I just wish they would add "Common sense " to the curriculum that our doubtless intelligent youth must pass ?

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig1 month ago

In Scotland, we used a system in which teachers estimated the grade the pupil should have gotten based on the prelims, classwork, class tests under exam conditions etc, whatever grade was estimated had to have the evidence to back it up. Often when pupils sit exams they don't always get the grades that are estimated and are disappointed, the problem this year is that they didn't sit exams and therefore assumed they would automatically get the grades that were estimated. In some cases the down grades would have been justified, in others they wouldn't have been, but the pupils expected to get what was estimated.

The govt had to do a u turn due to the protests and complaints from pupils, parents and teachers. The teachers complaints were about how the SQA had gone about it, the fact that they hadn't consulted teachers before they downgraded pupils.

England has decided to change how they were awarding exam results due to what happened in Scotland.

As for applying for 'good universities', the ones that got given grades they've didn't deserve will soon be found out.

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