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Is Latest Deals more female-orientated (than Pedlar & HUKD)?


Just looking through the top deals of the week. It seems the site is very heavily leaning towards random clothing and kids stuff.

What do you think of this?
Tom8 months ago

Dread! Hope you're well. LD is trying to be a bit more of a female-friendly version of :fire: HUknowWho. Having said that, we're working super hard to make it very customisable - so if you're interested in video games, you can just tick that. Or, if you want to follow PlayStation and Xbox you can do that (and it appears in your "Me" section).

We're soon creating #tags... so you could follow any topics you like... #car #technology #whatever! More and more to make it personal to you.

With the Weekly Top Deals, you can press the 'X' at the top.

Always happy to hear your feedback, might be good to chat to you on the phone again soon and see how we can improve this further.

Tom :thumbsup:

p.s. I've just changed the title a little bit so others reading this can understand where you're coming from a bit more - Pedlar was Kelsey's site before it joined forces with LatestDeals.

Dread8 months ago

Tom I'm good mate hope you are ? To be honest it really is something that makes the site a lot worse for me. I want deals from all sections. Genuinely good deals of the week for everyone from the internet. At the moment it isn't. Just looking at the top deals of the week here shows that. It is more like a female groupon page or the back of a catalogue that gets posted through the door each week. Lots of non deals posted and upvoted. The "other site" appeals to everybody and why it has lots of users. Even if you were looking through all the deals there you would find lots of variety and genuinely good deals standing out. Not aimed at anybody in particular and a variety of posters and users from all backgrounds. Here, it is basic clothing and kids stuff deals one after another all upvoted. The deals here not making the site stand out in any way just having the bog standard female clothing reductions and kids toys you see every week everywhere. Good deals on the internet not rising the top. The same was happening with Pedlar and why it would not grab users. If it is female orientated you are going for that is fine. That just means it isn't for me. It also means it isn't a deal site and alienates 2 thirds of the population (men and children) who can view deals aimed at everybody elsewhere, where genuinely good deals stand out, rather than the basic Avon catalogue kind of stuff dominating the posts and so called best deals of the week. This sounds like a rant ha but i promise it isn't. Just honest feedback. I don't know how much more of the kind of "deals" posted here i can look through :slight_smile:

Johnny8 months ago

Dread I can see where you’re coming from Dread, but think it’s early days yet for Latest Deals. Once the website builds up a head of deals, higher rankings on Google, visitors in the thousands, and a user community going, I expect it’ll get many more users posting deals. My guess is the deal voting issue will sort itself out as the user volume grows. At this early stage when just 10 votes gets a deal to the top it’s all a bit random as you say.

I think part of the problem is too much screen space being given to ‘This Week’s Top Deals’ . If you click on Video Gaming, you don’t really want purses and Parka jackets taking up half the screen! It might be an idea to change it to show ‘This Week’s Video Gaming Top Deals’ (i.e. only show the top deals by the category/ies selected by the user, once there’s enough deals on LD in each category.

That said, I like being able to select deals by category - at least as a user you don’t have to look at Kids stuff for example, if you don’t want to.

I’d personally like to see the ‘Categories’ tweaked a bit – I’d like to see a Mother & Baby category, a Tickets & Events category, DIY (maybe under Home Garden), Wheels (all things cars & bikes)…..

Dread8 months ago

Yeah i did mention before that the top deals could change for each section you are in and they said they would look into that so hopefully that could be something in the future. With it being said this is trying to be more female friendly that suggests how it is now is being encouraged. There are as many women as men on the other sites so to say more female friendly suggests how it is now is aimed for. Maybe the filters could be better also. Rather than choosing what you want to see, choosing things you don't want to see.

The lack of a downvote button also contributes to every deal being around the same vote wise and the good not standing out from the average.

I also agree with you that categories could be broader. At the moment though that might mean categories being thinned out and being bare.

Tom8 months ago

Dread appreciate the feedback - the more always the better - we are changing top deals so they change for each section yup! Working on the categories too... currently researching what all the other sites do