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.............................Admin, please delete

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
Jamala8 months ago

I think it is disgusting what has happened, the driver is very lucky that it wasn't me! I understand though that you do not want any further confrontation. Always make complaints to the most senior person in the company and write a letter. If necessary search the company on Companies House which will give you a list of directors. Stick to the facts - don't personalise the complaint and hopefully some action will happen. I have a plastic box by my front door for delivery drivers to leave anything in that doesn't go though the letter box. Whenever I order anything I always include in instructions to leave in the plastic box and have never had an issue. If you have the room it may be worth a try - doesn't have to be as big as this but the system works well and never have any problems unless they need a signature. Image

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