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Jacks Supermarket Struggling to Succeed

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Seemed a great idea, a supermarket with low prices but with a very high percentage of home produced goods so good for people's pockets and good for the economy too but seems like it is struggling to succeed.

I'm writing this as someone who has never been in a Jacks supermarket so no idea how good or bad it is but the general concept seems very good.

If I had a Jacks supermarket I would really try to support it because of our huge trade deficit and debt levels in order to keep more money in the UK and help keep important services like the NHS and Police going at a reasonable level but it feels like most people don't care about the financial state of the country and happy to send as much of their income abroad as possible but still seem entitled to complain when public services are cut back and people are suffering and needing to use food banks etc. Admittedly though as I've said I've not tried a Jacks supermarket and it might be the most awful bland supermarket there is and depressing to go in there.

So for those who actually have one nearby what is it like, how does the experience compare to other supermarkets and what is the good and what is the bad. Does buying UK sourced goods actually make you shop there?

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarc4 months ago

This is probably the second time I heard about this supermarket but the brand Jack's is part of Tesco so I guess it won't be going bankrupt either way, but rather discontinued by Tesco.

A lot of retailers have closed up shop around U.K. and so, what happens afterwards? Pop up stores?

Mango44 months ago

It was a daft idea by Tesco to try and compete with Aldi & Lidl, everyone knew it was owned by Tesco and expected better than the really downmarket warehouse style shops with low grade products. They recently sold off a lot of Jacks branded items in my local Tesco and I have to say I wasn't impressed at all with them

Original Poster
4 months ago

The did build one big Jacks store which didn't do well at all, a warehouse store and has now been converted to a Tesco store. I've seen analysis of the other smaller stores and are under performing and likely unprofitable but they haven't really done much with marketing yet. I would say the error Tesco have made is think that just being cheap and having locally produced goods is enough. They have to create a positive image for the store and make it an exciting place to shop but that is just the impression I get from the little knowledge I have of the stores and looking at their site and a few reviews.

I do wonder if buying from Tesco's is actually cheaper though. Tesco have so many half price offers, regular discounts and their value range (now branded stockwell etc) that you can actually buy a really good shop there for a great price if you mainly go with the offers and value products plus you get clubcard points and a choice of other goods if you are prepared to pay a higher price which I do for one or two products. A large percentage of the value products in Tesco is also UK sourced it seems. Also you don't feel like you are slumming it which I feel like I'm doing in Lidl and Aldi especially if you are in a queue for the till for 10-15 minutes.

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