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From Juice Cup to Normal Cup

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At what age did your child go from a juice cup to a normal cup?

And how did you go about it?

Any good advice?

a year ago
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MrsCraiga year ago

My son refused to drink from a sippy cup till he was 13 months! I just persevered with it, so left his cup out where he could see it, offered it to him throughout the day and if he didn't want it, then I didn't force it on him. He eventually picked it up and drank from it himself.

The munchkin miracle cups are good because it teaches them how to drink from a cup, but it still has a lid so doesn't spill everywhere. The baby cup and doidy cup are also good at helping them figure out how to drink from a cup.

There is no perfect age, they will do it when they are ready.

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