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June Brown ( Dot Cotton) Has Left Eastendera for Good.

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Hi all Just been reading that June Brown hads left the soap after 35 years in the show. Dot cotton is now living in Ireland . She said she got fed up with her story line that she was getting. She is the only one left that was in Eastenders from the start. She will be sadly missed. I did not know that June Brown is now 93 years old and still acting. Eastenders will not be the same with out her. What do you think 🤗

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
Username501084 months ago

Adam Woodyatt has been in from the start and was in the first episode and Gillian Taylforth if you don't count her dead years. Never liked June Brown on or off screen, she is a strange woman so won't miss her one bit

BonzoBanana4 months ago

I watched eastenders at the beginning but I'm not really into soaps but sometimes watch them at the beginning but get bored of them a few months later when it all seems familiar. She seemed a good character and actress but I really think she should have left earlier and given herself some retirement years. I must admit nowadays if I get a glimpse of Emmerdale, Coronation Street or Eastenders I have to turn away, I find them intensely irritating and unwatchable. It's like 20 seconds in one scene, maybe minor dialogue and a small argument and then 20 seconds later we are watching someone else doing the same, just seems like 30 minutes of 20 second clips of different people. Makes me want to pick up the tv and smash it through the window and then probably defecate on it afterwards. Apologies for that last sentence I really don't get the appeal of these nowadays and the scenes seem to change far more rapidly than in the past which is really annoying.

PhilipMarc4 months ago

I get bored of TV series who eventually start getting repetitive, never mind soap operas that do the same thing over and over again.

Good on her, she's 93 after all. Hope she makes to 100.

hspexy4 months ago

I haven’t watched the show in decades, but I know she’s infamous in this soap, so it would be strange without her. She’s a sharp actress, and at 92, I’m sure she’ll have other more exciting projects to work on in her golden years

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