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To Those Who Knew the Value of a S.A.E. ...

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Hi all, how far back does your bargain hunting go, were you a bargain hunting kid? In the 'Freebie and Competition Success' topic on chat we're asked about the best freebies and success we've had. I found myself reminising about childhood freebies, I was an 80's kid when you had to save up wrappers, cut out tokens, send a S.A.E. to receive a free keyring or sticker and who can forget the 'write a sentence that sums up how you feel about....' type entries. I entered every single one I came across. I remember winning a few, I got a rainbow head and wrist toweling sweatbands from 'Striper' bars competition, saved up wrappers and my entry quote was 'I'd go over the rainbow to get a striper bar' lol. I won a free subscription to the 'Barbie' fan club, even though I was a 'Sindy' girl. Over the years in the fan club I got a free comb, pencil case, dice, and won a Barbies' Afghan Hound with all the accessories to it. (still have it and the pink comb!) I had about 3 different kids bank accounts, just for the freebies you got when you opened an account, I was that kid who did the cinema and record shop managers heads in by badgering them for posters and merchandising promotional stuff, especially from fave films. I guess it all starts with picking the comic with the free gift or arguing with your siblings over the free cereal toy. In my teens and 20's I won a Herbal Essences Hair Dye from a magazine and I joined all of my fave music mailing lists for the new releases promo postcards, then stuck them all over my wall. The joy of getting 'summat for nowt' never leaves us. I'd love to hear any of your stories from your bargain hunting beginnings, do you remember any freebies you got as a kid? 🤗 ***

(I do hope I've put this in the right topic/category, Chat/Ask A Question, I'm trying I swear, but keep getting it wrong! 🙄)

6 months ago
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