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Schools Issuing Fines for Being Late - Your Thoughts?

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I recently heard that some schools want to implement a regime to fine parents if their children are consistently late for school. As a parent myself who lives 40 minutes away from my sons school due to traffic I know sometimes it can't be helped but for those that are late multiple times a week do you think a fine system would be appropriate?

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19841 month ago

Our has a policy that if late numerous times a education welfare will visit. If you were to contact school on the way if running late I can't see problem but that's if stuck in traffic mind not because people are sleeping late all time. I run a tight shift in morning we have to leave dead on half past whice allows us time to walk and get to school by five 2

KijManhas1 month ago

Like the teach them in schools 😁😁

KirsteyJames1 month ago

I think its a good idea but im not sure if it would work. Anyone can be late for whatever reason and on the odd occasion the school is fine with it. I did work experience in a school and it was the same few kids that were late every day, if they turned up at all. Their parents didnt work and you could tell they werent really that well cared for, i dont think their parents would be able to afford to pay the fine or if they would even care.

greatdeals1211 month ago

If one person comes late than people find it acceptable If they come late so schools put in procedures to stop it

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