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"Living with Walls" — Documentary About Countries Divided By Walls


Watched it partly on a foreign channel yesterday and while the doc was originally titled "Living With Walls" (an English-spoken doc), I'm unable to find it anywhere on the web so far though I'll see about sending the network an email to see if they can upload it to YouTube, their own VoD app or something. I'd really like to watch it in its entirety.

For what I've seen of it, it was a pretty interesting documentary and it featured the walls that separate UK and Ireland, which kinda resembled like prisons in a way, by how it was settled so people wouldn't try to get to the other side, and vice-versa. For the sake of safety and independence, it makes sense.

Let's just say, no one would leave his or her home's door open, right? So it'd be illogical to want a country to be borderless and allow whomever to enter without checking any ID or history that person may have had. It's just about safety all in all.

11 months ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn11 months ago

Roger Waters could have narrated this as he knows a thing or two about walls 😉 😜

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