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Lloyds and Halifax Reveal Names of Dozens of Branches to Be Shut across the UK

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Lloyds and Halifax reveal names of dozens of branches to be shut across the UK

Are banks going to be a thing of the past? I worry about my older relatives and me! One day I'll need a person in a bank to talk to.


a year ago
What do you think of this?
hspexya year ago

It’s sad to see it happening, and I know it will affect customers, but I do notice that there are less people visiting banks in person these days. One of the main reasons is they don’t do anything in branch anymore - I had an issue which i though I could quickly pop to the bank and deal with, but when I got there, the only person at the counter just told me they couldn’t deal with it at the branch as I had to call them on the phone. And at another branch, all they did was call up their head office for me, so i was still dealing with the inquiry over the phone. No wonder they’re all shutting down

CaroleBallarda year ago

GOD you are so right. There are NO banks where I live any more. Thank god for the fact I can do online because everything is online now. My mother has to go to the local town - about 15 miles away.

Faye1a year ago

More and more people are using online banking rather than banks. it cost to keeps the banks open and pay staff and when people aren’t using them it’s not worth it. It’s not cost effective. most post offices now though have banking services. you can take money out pay it in and pay cheques in also

ShellyAnna year ago

I have two banks. One of the banks only has a branch in my home town and not in the next town, so if they closed it, I would end up closing the account as I would be left with no actual physical branch to visit. I knew Halifax were going to close branches soon as late last year I was doing a survey and I was shown a closure letter and did I think it was clear, etc, so I knew they were planning to close some.

Mango4a year ago

I bank with Halifax and find their branch service pretty poor anyway. My local branch used to have eight cashier windows originally and now there are only two with only one ever open and a queue back to the door, Staff stand around attempting to persuade people to use the self service machines , they are also quite difficult if you attempt to pay say a bill by cash, they insist on paying it into your account ( which they tell you could be done at the machine) and then you can pay it electronically via Bill pay.

They seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are doing themselves out of jobs, if everyone used self service machines and electronic banking no need for the staff or come to that the branches

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