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I have not long retired and although all well meaning I have lost contact with work friends after 40 years of work. I am particularly lonely, female and would like to meet people for strictly friendship, and perhaps walking our dogs, coffee, chat, shopping etc. Has anyone any ideas what would be the best way to meet people for mutual friendships. I am sure I am not the only lonely 61 year old around! I dont have children so unfortunately don't have grandchildren to spoil. I have looked up local groups but there aren't many and those there are involved in activities I wouldn't be interested in.

4 months ago
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Lynibis4 months ago

I volunteered with age concern and visited old folks who see no one from one weeks end to next. They also have dinners, quizzes, and lots of other social activities.

Adult education classes are reduced for older people, though I doubt 61 is old enough, so may have to pay full price.

Most towns seem to have clubs for over 55s with various activities throughout the week.

There are lots of other things you can do and I am sure other LD members will come up with lots of ideas.

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