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I don’t doubt how debilitating it must be to have had covid or still be suffering from long covid.

Has anyone experienced long covid? If so, how long have you had it? Are you beginning to feel better yet?

3 days ago
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BonzoBanana2 days ago

Yes sadly I have it. I'm hoping when I get my second vaccine I will improve. I've had a sore throat and congestion for about a year and have periods of breathlessness when my own immune system damages my lungs etc and I take weeks to recover. I've had breathlessness about 5 or 6 times now and I think it takes 2-6 weeks to recover. It's been a rubbish year to say the least. When I had the first vaccine which is meant to start kicking in after about 3 weeks I had a huge immune response and was left with breathlessness again. Worst illness I've ever had and the feeling of breathlessness is horrific. Just walking to the toilet can make me out of breath. I'm just recovering from it now and have slightly improved over the last couple days but I'm a long way from back to normal.

My body has always I think over-reacted to infection when it can't generate the correct anti-bodies and mine just can't seem to do that for covid 19 but I'm hopeful maybe a month after the second vaccine my body will basically not have to respond like that to covid again. I'm actively losing weight and hope to return to cycling soon to expand my lung capacity but its very difficult when long covid keeps damaging my health.

Leesha862 days ago

My dad (in his early 50s) is still not 100% 3 months after having covid. Still weak and very tired. His oxygen levels took a long time to get back to the low end of normal so they said it would likely be a longer recovery.

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