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A look at Switch, three months after.


So the Switch has been out for three months now and while I admit I really enjoyed it during the early days, I'm pretty bored with it now because there's nothing to play. Well, there is but don't want to play the same games.

The games that I physically own for the Switch: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Disgaea 5 Complete.

I'm frankly burned out of those games to play again so what's left is to wait for new games to be released. Such as, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ but what will happen after I finish this game as well? The Switch will get back to being a dust collector.

I don't buy digital format games so it limits the games I can purchase even more and it's not great at all, the Switch is very bare-bones right now.

Don't fall for the hype. Wait till Mario Odyssey is out or get it sometime around 2018.

I rate the Switch overall for now... 4/10.

mixmixi Gamerofgames if it hadn't been for the fact I got the Switch for under £200 (via GameSeek) I'd probably be even more disappointed (had I paid the RRP £279.99). 😛

3 years ago
What do you think of this?
Gamerofgames3 years ago

From what i can tell so far it seems to be doing okay for itself at launch in terms of games. The ps4 didn't have too much until about a year in its life. Hopefully nintendo up the ante and release a lot more games next year. Super mario odyssey looks good though.

Original Poster
3 years ago

Good in sales but lacks games, many games.

mixmixi3 years ago

I stand agree with you Rockman . But for Nintendo, the good part is it has had his own dedicated fan throughout history, haha. Whether the device is good or bad, people still pay for it. I don't think I'd ever buy Switch. It honestly looks like a tablet to me, nothing that interests me. I heard there is going to be a new Vita and that is somehow looking alike Switch in design, that will be my next purchase if true. Since I know Sony will support its devices very well in Japan. And those Japanese JRPGs are what I am in love with.

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