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Love Actually - has this really become a Christmas classic?

Can anyone tell me why? Surely there are better films, but this appears to be repeated each year or is it that I've been told and seen it so often it feels like every year? I even read it in the news!

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
hspexy2 months ago

I understand why sone might say it is, but I don't. I only like Home Alone and movies older than that. I thought Love Actually was a load of mushy nonsense

Lynibis2 months ago

I love it as it appeals to the romantic in me. All films are personal preference when it comes to like or dislike. I personally can't stand home alone as it is so unbelievable. I was surprised this year that we didn't have Mary poppins, Ben hur, or sound of music, or maybe I just missed them!

LenoirLenoir2 months ago

I love it. Think it’s because it’s set around Christmas time, I generally only think of watching it during the Christmas months. Definitely my Christmas watch

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