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How to Lower Your Energy Usage round the House.

Money Saving

Aside from replacing appliances and learning more about our energy usage around the home from smart meters, there are some easy small ‘wins’ that you can do to save. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favourites:

Always put a lid on the pot you’re cooking with. This makes the water heat up faster and reducing cooking time.

Give up the dishwasher. For a dishwasher to be efficient, you need it to be full, which means allowing dishes to pile up before using it.

Only boil the water you need in your kettle. Fill up your mug with water then tip it into your kettle to get an accurate amount.

Switch to extension cables that have a switch. This way, you only need to turn off one switch to turn off all your electrics at the end of the day.

Don’t go for cheap lightbulbs, get the energy-efficient ones. They last longer so help you to save money on your energy bills.

Fill the empty space in your freezer with tubs of water. This reduces the amount of air that the freezer has to cool. The more empty space, the harder it has to work.

Turn your thermostat down. Even if it’s just by one degree, it could save you a whopping £80 per year!

Use reflector panels behind your radiators. This can help radiate the heat around the room more efficiently, so your heating doesn’t need to be on for as long.

Insulate! Not just your home, but yourself. If you’re cold, forget turning up the heating and throw a blanket or jumper on instead. There are some grants available to improve the insulation of your home.

Shut down the computer. A lot of us are still working from home, and we’re in the habit of simply putting our computer on ‘sleep mode’ or just closing the laptop. It might save us an extra minute or two when switching on in the morning, but it uses more energy while it sleeps in comparison to being shut down properly.

13 days ago
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