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How to mark a post as a duplicate


If you spot a post as a duplicate, please follow these steps to report it to Mentors.

Please report duplicates using our system rather than commenting.

We do not read every comment, so writing "This is old", or "This has been posted before" will not be seen.

By following these steps you can be sure that a Mentor will see it, and remove the post if needed.

Plus, by following this method you get points.

One further reason it's great to follow these steps of reporting duplicates is to make sure fellow LD members have a positive experience.

I can count on my hand the number of times someone has purposefully posted a duplicated - i.e. very rarely. Most of the time they have not realised. New members who are unfamiliar with the website will not have a memory of what's been posted, nor even know to search for it. So rather than get criticised for their first deals, it's best to report it through the proper channels so we may guide them into our fun and loving community with a smile.

We're always looking to improve the system to help reduce the number of duplicates that get through. While the number of posts on the website has trebled, as a proportion the number of duplicates has been reduced by about 75%. Kelsey has upgraded our reporting system so that it's 250% faster to remove duplicates. Any ideas are always welcome in Feature Requests.

How to mark a post as a duplicate

1. Go to the post Image

2. Press the 3 dots on the side, then 'Report Deal'


3. Select 'Duplicate', copy and paste the URL of the original deal you think came first, and if needed give a message


3 years ago
What do you think of this?
3 years ago

Great reminder for everyone. Thanks for posting.

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