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what are you all listening to this month? I have gone back to music i was listening to 5-6 years ago, think the changing seasons make me nostalgic. what about you all?

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
ACES742 years ago

I'm all nostagic at the mo too, my music tastes are so diverse it really is from Glen Miller to Prodigy. Right now I'm enjoying the old Ska Tunes and Hip Hop 80's stuff, so Specials, Selector, Jimmy Cliff, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Del a Soul etc. I'm very changeable it's all in the mood isn't it. Yesterday I had Crosby, Stills and Nash, Shirley Ellis, Bowie and Floyd on in the day and that morphed into some proper thumping techno tunes from my 90's mispent youth by nightfall. Today I'm at my Mum and Dads for Sunday lunch so there'll defo be some Paul Simon and Buddy Holly always gets a play. I'm 45 now, my era was Rave and Electro but I'm a hippy out of my time for the 60's and an honorary Rasta when it comes to the classic skanking reggae beats and old dancehall numbers. You didn't say who you're listening to OneeyedRaven? 🤗🎶

KirstyWhit296732 years ago

I have a varied taste that depends on mood from 1950's to heavy metal. I'm doing a degree with OU at the minute and I find that my normal music tastes are distracting. Switched to classical (both original and movie soundtracks) & it really seems to help me focus. My son does radio streaming and has been putting together a new playlist. He was looking at 90's R&B the other day so now I've ended up making a playlist of my own

PhilipMarc2 years ago

I normally just connect my tablet to the audio equipment and listen to the radio station "1000 Hits Love" (Spain) plays pop, oldies and romantic tunes or "The Ranch" (U.S.) plays exclusively country music.

I used to like hip hop and rap but the latter isn't even music and the former tends to be just singers saying they got money, getting laid, pimping women and about shooting gangs.

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