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Our Mystry Visitor .. Who Could It Be ?


This week myself and hubby have had a visitor in our front garden and this has been some what of a mystery? First time i noticed we had had a visitor in our front garden was when the lavender plant look trampled on !!! I shouted my husband and told him to go investigate as the bush/plant had been totally flattened .. was it one of the local kids kicking their ball over last night pretending to be Harry Kane scoring a goal and our garden was the net? I put this to hubby and he just said to stop bothering and worrying as long as it wasn't burglers , they day after the plants had been disturbed again so i decided to go and investigate . It was 545 a.m. and i was a lil bit on edge because the street was empty . So i decided to try be as fast as i could and if anyone was crouched down behind the car i would scream at the top of my lungs to get hubbies attention who was still fast asleep snoring in bed in our bedroom which was in the front directly above the garden ... I put my slippers on and ran over the stones that had been placed on part of the garden the car was parked .. i manoeuvred around the car and expected to see someone either breaking in the car or someone pulling his balaclava over his head so no one would recognise him as he broke in our house. I was greeted with something entirely different .... it made me freeze and pirouette so i didn't land onto it ... nope not a burgler or a ball that a kid had kicked over . It was huge , it was steaming in the sun like it was hot .. it was something that whenever i've seen it in my garden I was angry .. Good job i stopped because if i hadn't it would probably have ruined my best slipper by changing my bright pink slippers into brown ....had an elephant escaped from the zoo ? no the dog from next door had decided to use my garden as a toilet .... WOW I WAS FUMING ... I GOT THE SPADE SCOOPED IT UP AND WALKED UP THEIR DRIVE KNOCKED ON THEIR DOOR AND A TIRED LOOKING NEIGHBOUR ANSWERED ... HERE A PRESENT I SAID N THREW IT ON THE DOORSTEP UR DOG HAS ESCAPED AGAIN ... ...never been as angry in my life ... if ur dog poops make sure u scoop ... 😡

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend8 months ago

I have dog's all ways clean up after them. I live on a farm and my nears neighbours are half mile away. That is very sad that your neighbour let there dog do that to your garden. I would loved to see his face after you give him his present. Bet he was not happy. And hope it's not happen again to you .

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