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we all been watching the world cup and obviously they all sing their own national anthem before the match .. what do you think of a player that doesnt join in ? should he be allowed to play ? In my eyes if you get the opportunity to represent your country in your chosen sport and anthems are sang before the match or after when they give medals they should be so proud and so happy and show how much by including themselves singing .. I get really annoyed when a player doesnt sing ... whats your thoughts .... dont sing dont play is mine

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
Rockman8 months ago

Simple. If someone doesn't sing along the national anthem then he doesn't necessarily love and respect the country he's playing for.

It might be controversial to say this here but, national teams should use their own native citizens than hire foreigners, it kind of defeats the purpose to represent a country. Show what their people are capable to play for their own country, that's it.

England's team has 7 Africans and 4 Europeans.


France's team has 7 Africans and 4 Europeans.


Poland's team:


Sweden's team:


Japan's team:


That's just it, use your own people to represent your own country whether it means to win or lose.

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