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Noisy Neighbours

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Wonder if you could offer advice- how do you deal with noisy neighbours?

I am very quite and I think considerate neighbour- dont play music just earbuds

tv kept low dont sit in garden late with friends as know the chatter carries etc My neighbour exact opposite- arguing or TIM making up loudly dog barking for hours daily its making me miserable. Have dropped a few hints and am now slamming doors and windows when they start partying which is very passive aggressive but dont want a feud just want some sleep....any suggestions?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
sarahgreen151 year ago

If its anti-social hours, you can contact 101 and leave a report anonymously.. I’ve had to do that a few times for my delightful neighbour who takes lots of drugs, has parties regularly on weekdays with music blaring, shouting and singing from 12am - 6am.. i don’t want to fall out with them, so I have to stop my partner from going round there at 3am to “deal with it himself” 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s a horrible situation so I feel your pain!

MrsCraig1 year ago

I'm lucky that my neighbours are very quiet like me. The most noise that is made is from the kids playing outside, which stops by 8pm at the latest and they aren't exactly loud! We occasionally hear our neighbours dogs bark, ours just barks back, but you are talking about 3 or 4 barks, it's not continuous. You can't really do much about the dog barking. You can call 101 anonymously to report them when it's bad. If they rent off the council you can complain to them too.

SalmaS1 year ago

I know what you mean. Im having the same problem. The new neighbours moved in about three months ago and have since not had a decent night of sleep. They sleep during the day, don't work or go to school. Have got soo annoyed that I have banged on the wall with my Vaseline container. Didn't help.

To make it worse they have a baby and instead of throwing the nappies in the bin they decent to throw it on the roof, there garden is cluttered with rubbish as they just throw the unwanted items in the garden.

nipperjwb1 year ago

Oh blimey how awful. im so lucky with my neighbours. I don’t know how I would cope with what you’re dealing with.

MeestairChrees1 year ago

Check your local council website. They should have advice on there. But from what I've seen, they suggest you try and sort it with your neighbour first, then record noises and keep logs to report.

ACR1 year ago

If neighbours are selfish enough to constantly cause problems with noise or questionable behaviour they are unlikely to change their habits if you complain directly to them. It's more likely to create further problems. If things are really bad you should keep a log. Noting the date, time and issue. Plus, contact the local council about the problem. It's possible other neighbours have also complained.

jmsonl1 year ago

Tell me about it. My neighbour is very similar. She has this untrained barking dog that yaps on from anywhere from 6am to midnight. It is chucked out in the garden to bark its head off. A few doors down on the other side there is some poor chap with mental problems that walks around screaming and swearing at everyone at the very top of his voice several times a day. I live with my headphones on.

KirsteyJames1 year ago

I would report it. Im sure if you get in touch with the council a few times they can install noise meters in your house to record the sound. In all honesty though i would probably end up knocking on their door and losing my cool or setting up speakers against the wall and blasting music at them when their quiet (probably sleeping). Luckily i dont have noisy neighbours. Although my newest neighbour that moved in a few months ago has set up loads of bird baths and food in her garden and the bird poo in my garden and all over the kids toys is really really winding me up 🤬

KazLou1 year ago

were i use to live there was a young girl with a child who use to party everynight there was more than me who was getting fed up off it with all the loud musi 15 to 20 people shouting till all hour and beer cans alway throwen in the street one day one of my other neighbour knock on my door and said can you sign this petition to get the council to remover her everyone who lived down the street who had enough signed it and the council eveicted her

could you maybe do the same?

thats if they are in a council property if its there own house im not sure what you could do

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