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Have you ever received a product you purchased online and it is nothing like it was described? What was it and what did you do with it?

4 months ago
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AliceBell644684 months ago

I once purchased two Hugo Boss T shirts on eBay for my boyfriend, when they arrived they were blatantly fake and quite poor quality, I should have guessed with the price being like half the normal price but they did describe it major discount sale item! I complained through PayPal, and the buyer refunded straight away probably so I wouldn’t leave negative feedback. I put the T shirts into a clothes bank as they would probably be okay for a child.

chelseaturpin4 months ago

Ive had this a few times but i then put the product onto facebook selling pages or onto my ebay account.

BonzoBanana4 months ago

Amazon marketplace are always sending me the wrong item, maybe 1 in 30 purchases. Ordered a Shimano Nexus shifter set and received a Shimano rear derailleur. I got refunded and didn't have to send the item back which was great as worth more than the Nexus set. Sometime ago I got sent a mini photo printer that used expensive paper cartridges a bit like the old Polaroid cameras. I got to keep it but it didn't sell for much on ebay and to be honest looked utter rubbish and not worth its normal asking price but I probably got a fiver out of it. The worst thing is when they send you something instead of a fantastic bargain. You might get to keep it and still get refunded but the item you actually wanted you can't get as it was a one off on the Amazon warehouse. As for items that are marginally different, aliexpress often sells stuff nothing like its description, like batteries with a claimed high capacity but are really low capacity, or other electronic items of a decent spec that actually come and are very low spec. Same issue with ebay for Chinese sellers. Chinese seem happy to mislead and that seems to be normal in the Chinese market when selling to Chinese consumers. Many Chinese buy western brands even if made in China just because the quality, safety and description are true to what they claim.

LeighReidAtanas4 months ago

I purchased a couple of dresses online from China needless to say they didn’t look like what they were on the picture. They were very badly tailored with cheap material and no hem lines. They weren’t too expensive therefore there was no point going to extra expense to send them back.

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