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How Much Notice Do You Take of Food Exp/bbf Dates

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Do you bin things past the BBF or wait until the exp? Do you ignore the exp? My brother must waste hundreds each month as he chucks things the minute they cross the BBF - drives me mad. Anyone else?

25 days ago
What do you think of this?
garygemmell25 days ago

None - i just ate a yoghurt that was over a month out of date and still tasted lovely.

Even if i have a bit of that green fungus on the lip of my yoghurt or sour cream pot i just scrape it off and enjoy -

If its too nasty i just give it to Wee Charlie the local fox or Billy the hedgehog that lives in the woods next to my garden - he eats anything!

Save the planet stop throwing stuff out!

Its a bit overhyped i eat loads of stuff out of date and its never once given me more than a dose of the skitterphrenia lol

I try and look at every disaster positively and a bit of skitterphrenia really cleans ye intestines out saving you on the colonic irrigation!

Well I had to keep it on a money saving tip didnt I!


HannahSunderlan25 days ago

I don’t take any notice and I am the friend that will take all your unwanted food because it’s gone past the best before date 😂 I think it’s a common sense approach really isn’t it, use your eyes and nose!

Faye124 days ago

Depends what it is. If it’s meat usually the day after I will still eat it. other things though I will eat a few days after and bbf usually a few weeks after

ShellyAnn24 days ago

On meat I do but on most other things I will do the smell test. If I can't see any mould or smell anything off, I'll eat it. Really I can't say things do tend to hang around long enough to go out of date. It is rare I have something that is out of date.

Glitterandgold24 days ago

I certainly wouldn't fish or meat but anything else I will, You can usually tell by the look & smell if it's still good enough to consume.

MeestairChrees24 days ago

Best before, sometimes a while beyond, especially if it's still sealed. Use by, by that date.

lornaae24 days ago

I used to be really fussy with best before and use by dates, am more flexible now with a lot of things particularly with bread and veg and things like that, but am more strict other things like milk and eggs

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