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What is the Oldest Electronic Item You Still Have Working?


As an electronics engineer it often amazes me how quick devices nowadays fail - It is built in obsolescence for sure and most electrical devices fail due to a simple electronic part that has not changed for 100 years - you would think they would have found a replacement for it by now.

You average telly lasts 4 years - Last time I was at the dump I saw 32 LCD televisions most of which could be repaired with a 79p part. Quite sad really , even sadder is the fact they wouldn't let me take any to repair and give to charity!

So whats your oldest working piece of equipment?

Apart from the old man that is!

I have a 45 year old Toshiba microwave that is still in perfect condition and has never needed more than a bit of oil on the turntable and a clean.

I also have a Marconiphone CRT television that is 40 years old and still working albeit with two minor repairs over the years!

Beat that!

8 days ago
What do you think of this?
RegularComper908 days ago

Before my time, but we still have an old camera from the early 70s, which as far as I am aware still works. We just need some film for it. Must be around the same age as your microwave.

ShellyAnn7 days ago

Up until April, I had a cooker that was about 30 years old! it was the original one from when the house was first built. That was good going. Now it would have to be my old DVD player which is 22 years old.

MrsCraig7 days ago

My camera, which is 13 years old and my hair straighteners, which are also 13 years old. At my parents house there is a microwave that is 30 years old and she recently got a new cooker and hob, but the old one was 29 years old. I reember when I was younger, the first tv that was in my bedroom was a black and white one that my parents had in their first house. It would have been about 30 years old and it worked perfectly!

SandyRhodes7 days ago

All my old gaming consoles such as atari woody and gameboy 🙂 they're from late 70s & 80s. My tumble dryer is ancient too but still does the job!

Original Poster
7 days ago

SandyRhodes Atari 2600 yip still have it and my BBC Micro Model B 32K lol

Old computers are becoming quite collectable and valuable - just check the value of the old ZX80.

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