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Online Dating Scams

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it’s always so sad to read about people being preyed upon in such ways, as it’s always those who are vulnerable who suffer the most

have you ever been conned in this way?

2 months ago
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ShellyAnn2 months ago

I gave up with dating sites years ago now. I only ever took part in free dating sites but over time, those started to try and introduce payment plans such as you could read your messages but had to pay to reply. I quit dating sites about 5 years ago. I never got conned money wise but my goodness the men sure were not honest. Ended up dating one guy I met on a site, who kept his profile going and was dating several other women at the same time; another guy I talked to for several months before he told me he was in a wheelchair and was in fact quite disabled. As some one with health issues myself I was like great if I don't go on a date with him now it makes me seem shallow, but I don't want to be someone's carer; he didn't work because he couldn't. He made sure we had a rapour via phone calls, etc, before he told me the truth about himself. Another guy was a musician, who yes, you can google. He was total slimeball who was thinking because I was a lot younger, I would be arm candy and was horrible. Took me a while to get rid of him. Then there was the guy I had once worked at the same place with who turned out to live in a flat so dirty, it could have been on how clean is your home. Those are some dating site high lights. No way will I go near those now. I feel dating sites are ways to gather data on people and get money out of people.

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