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Outdoor Public Swimming Pools - Any Good?

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We have been putting off visiting our local council run outdoor swimming pool as always worry on a hot summer's day when we'd want to go, that it would be packed. But was interesting to hear if anyone has been when the weather has been nice, and whether they do tend to pack you all in or if it's alright? Appreciate they can vary a lot but think a council run one will be pretty similar wherever you go in the UK.

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Tulip2uk3 months ago

My council ran pool is fine but the weather is usually kind and is nice 😁 It can get packed but its well managed.

ACR3 months ago

Yes, I like swimming in outside pools. There are many good ones in London, but most are unheated and are closed for most of the year. Tooting Bec Lido is great, it's 91.44m long and a nice place to swim. I go just for swimming, so it's better to go when the weather isn't that great, as on hot sunny days these places can get packed by people just going to relax, sunbathe and splash around.

AgnesFaludi3 months ago

Newham council makes pool on the Royal Dock only in August, but it is so nice and kids love it.

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