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Overspending on Children


So my fiancé has a 15 year old son - he is raised VERY differently to how I would raise a child myself. We are not well off at all, my partner has credit card debt and we are saving for our wedding and buying a house together.. i did all of our Christmas shopping (but ran every idea past him) and budgeted it all. We had spent £140 on his son, which I figured was enough because he gets a TON of presents from his mum, two sets of grandparents and a great grandparent. I made sure i got him all useful presents, (e.g driving experiences, baking sets etc) as he is a very fussy and most presents get left in a bag unopened in his room. His mum bought him a brand new apple watch last year and he’s never even worn it. So we were shopping last night, and my fiancé decided he wanted to buy him 2 tshirts, which came to £95. One of which was a football shirt for a team he doesn’t support. I feel really strongly about this, because we need to save all the money we can and I’m raging he would waste that amount of money instead of saving it. His son has around 40 football shirts and we only ever see him wear 2 - the latest home and away shirts for his team. He has a PlayStation, a tv, an Apple Watch, an iphone, 20 pairs of £100+ trainers... to me he is very spoilt and he doesn’t appreciate anything he’s given because he’s always been given everything.. I know it’s the season of giving, but it angered me so much that he spent nearly £100 on 2 tshirts for him that I guarantee he will never wear, and my fiancé got very annoyed at me for voicing my opinion 😒

rant over!

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
KirsteyJames2 months ago

My son is 14 in Feb and ive got to be honest he is spoilt. He does have too much and doesnt appreciate it. Half of the time i think he doesnt deserve it but i cant stop myself from buying what he wants. My wife and I Met when he was 4 and even though she thinks he is spoilt she is the same as me when it comes to buying stuff for him 🙈 I dont think your fiance means any harm impulse buying the shirts he just doesnt seem to be in the same mindsight of budgeting that you do. My wife and i dont argue over money but i do get annoyed when she wants to go overboard buying her mother for christmas because she is treated like one of our children, when i think we have already bought enough for her. At the end of the day she just likes seeing her mother happy having lots of presents. Even though it is annoying when your think your done for that person and then they want to spend more money that you know will be unappreciated and could be used on somehing better. Luckily its so close to christmas he hasnt got a chance to spend much more and you can always give the receipt with the shirts so that he can exchange them for something he will wear.

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