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My points for Active Iron freebie


Hi there

I’ve added freebie and even calculated the value of the freebie

now you have removed the record that it was me who added it and my points were taken away. It was marked as expired and it is still Working. You even are promoting this freebie

also I’ve sent you info about Pampers samples to WhatsApp then I’ve sent
Image Facebook message if points could be added for pampers samples of size 1 and 2

see attachment for proof. But nobody cares to respond.

So far I don’t enjoy this website and think you are very cheeky

What do you think of this?
2 months ago

Hey mazurkiewicz thank you for your message. There's been some mixed communication here, so I'm replacing what my colleague Kelsey wrote earlier today.

You will see we've given you a bonus of points to your LatestDeals.co.uk account :thumbsup:

In future, to automatically receive points, please share your freebies on the site first. Simply copy and paste the URL to the freebie here: latestdeals.co.uk/share

Looking forward to your next one!


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