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Do points go down as well as up?


Hi I just wanted to ask if we get points

deducted or penalties? My points seem

to go up and down a lot. Maybe we

could get notified if they do go down so we know if we made a mistake.

over a year ago
What do you think of this?
over a year ago

Hey saiah001 πŸ™‚

There's only two occasions where you might lose points:

  • The first is if you share a deal that's already been shared. If it's marked as a duplicate we remove it from LD and, unfortunately, your points go down too. You should get a notification if a post that you've shared is removed for this reason.
  • The other is if a comment of yours gets deleted - you'll lose the points you earned for commenting. Unfortunately we don't have notifications in place for this yet but I've just added it to our to-do list πŸ‘

We rarely have cause to delete any comments so I'd imagine what's happened is that someone was a little quicker off the mark sharing a deal than you and so unfortunately your post was removed.

Hope that clears things up - we definitely don't deduct or remove any points as a penalty or anything like that. If you have any more questions please just shout! πŸ‘

Original Poster
over a year ago

Ok thanks I haven't had any notifications

about duplicates, I usually check before I post. Maybe my browser is being funny thanks for your help Kelsey.☺

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