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Polution Levels down by a Huge Amount in London

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Apparently some parts of London are seeing a drop of 70% in NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) levels. That's amazing! Like Brian May said in an interview the other day, we need to find the positives in the current situation and come out of this as a changed planet. I have never been one to bang on about the environment because I enjoy a good petrol engine. I am however a big believer in bringing a positive end to a very negative situation.

I can't see America changing much but reckon we have a chance here to come out of this as a more environmentally concious nation. Personally, cycling or walking to the office is not an option with the distance so I hope my employer can see the benefits of working from home even after lockdown.

What are your thoughts?

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimp18 days ago

Hasn't Brian May done his arse in after doing some gardening and decided not to interact on the situation for a while?

BBC News - Queen's Brian May rips glutes while gardening


Original Poster
18 days ago

TheChimp He kept moving around awkwardly during the interview as he'd only just come out of hospital the poor old git 😁

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