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Proposing on Valentines

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Did anyone get proposed to or propose on valentines day? do you think its romantic or would you rather pick a less marketted day. Is anyone planning to pop the question this valentines. . . ?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
garygemmell1 year ago

A bit unoriginal and run of the mill if you ask me - the sort of things guys with no imagination or effort do!

I prefer somewhere exciting and different but then I am a bit of a strange one but i think women like a bit of excitement and something out of the ordinary!!!

When we were in Ibiza i once snuck out at night and went to a hidden beach cove i knew from previous visits and spelled out in massive letters I LOVE YOU in seashells on the beach (took me ages int he dark too lol) so the next day when i took my girlfriend there she got a bit of a surprise - now thats what i call different and i think women appreciate that kind of effort more than a gold necklace or diamond ring but in these days of greed and what have you perhaps I am way out of step!

Perhaps any guys out there looking for an idea can pop down to Blackpool beach and write WILL YOU MARRY ME in cans and plastic bottles lol

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