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Are You a Regular Saver?

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are you a wage saver how do you save as a family and where do you put your savings? do you save for a particular thing or goal?

4 months ago
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MrsCraig4 months ago

Yes we are regular savers. We save as much as we can as a family and it goes towards paying extra on our mortgage, although this year part of it is going on a christening. Our savings just stay in our bank account, we used to have a savers account but the high interest ran out so we don't use it anymore.

We do a number of things to save money, switching energy each year, switching car and home insurance, buying clothes for our son second hand or in the sales, only buying clothes for ourselves when we actually need them, only buying anything really if we actually need them. Selling stuff we no longer need. Using survey sites to earn vouchers. Free activities with our son. Using loyalty cards. Loads of things.

Faye14 months ago

I save but I spend also. I save as much as I can each month. I also spend though if I want to go out I will or holidays I will

Grannyclock4 months ago

If you save regularly, most banks have a monthly savings account which pays a higher interest. When I was younger and saving for a house deposit I made a chart to put on the wall and drew a thermometer on it and marked off on the scale as the savings grew. It helped to encourage us !

AgnesFaludi4 months ago


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