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Resolution for February

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All members to leave helpful or critical comments on deals posted to vastly improve this site .

We all know we would love to see such comments - why expect it to be always others to post them ? Post them yourself -what's to be scared of ?

18 days ago
What do you think of this?
CaroleBallard18 days ago

You can't MAKE people respond, or post. This is a purely voluntary thing and people post when they have something useful to say. It shouldn't be a guilt trip of forced on them, and some folks ARE scared, incase they are considered foolish, so they don't. Everything in it's own time.

MrsCraig17 days ago

Agree with CaroleBallard, you can't make people respond. I comment on the posts that appeal to me. Plus, you all know that sometimes we can get nasty responses to our well meaning comments so we don't always bother. Plus what's to say that by leaving these comments it will improve the site?

Lynibis17 days ago

I don't comment because I am not interested in deals and very rarely use the deals section. I do appreciate a good deal though but will not buy something just because it is a good deal. That is not saving money, it is spending money I would not have spent had I not seen the deal on something I don't need, if I did I would already have it. Also people are precious about their posts and hurt feelings can result from criticism of what they may feel is a good deal but others may not.

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