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Review-ish of Aliexpress' BMXC K107 Tablet



Main specs:

- 10" Screen

- Android 7.0


- 32 GB Storage

- Micro SD Card Slot

- OTG Support

Since I'm not an expert on tablets I thought that buying this Android tablet would have been a good idea but actually, it's definitely not worth the money at all. It feels clunky, slow, antique, cheap, plasticky — The screen quality is made of plastic and it's not even properly aligned as it should as I noticed one side has less than the other, so to speak.

The BMXC tablet has 4GB of RAM but after using it for a couple of days (and even in the first hours) I realized it was running very slowly (or lagging, whichever one you prefer) when a bunch of apps were running and installing, this isn't even an issue on my Geotel Note 4 phone which has 3GB of RAM and it's technically inferior though still runs far better and smoother than the tablet does. Unfortunately, due to the issues I'm gonna send it back and it'll cost me £13-24 so better be careful when buying a brandless tablet from overseas, even if it seems really good for its value.

Oh yeah, in terms of audio quality it sounds really bare-bones, low quality as well as the screen so it's not hard to tell this is old tech being resold as new with Android 7 installed on it.

Source of BMXC Tablet: Aliexpress

1 year ago
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