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Reward Structure (Your Views)

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I'm Nick, Came here as disabled and wanted to earn some rewards, lot of time on my hands.

Sadly I am at the end of sharing as it now takes far too long to reach a reward milestone, 50,000 points takes a ridiculous amount of time to achieve, even if posting 3 deals, 3 vouchers and some comps daily without fail.

I am just mentioning it as want to see what others think.

It is important to retain regular posters of quality content, At the beginning I loved it, ok smaller reward but more frequent, but now its a drain due to length of time to gain next reward

It is nice that there is a reward system in place, but personally think it should be set at an easier achievable level

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
KirsteyJames9 months ago

The higher amounts do take longer to get to but your still getting £5 for 5000 points, just think of it like a saving scheme. If your going ti stick around and contribute then you will get there. If people were rewarded every 5000 points then im sure there would be a lot more pointless deals and things posted to rack the points up to get their fiver. Ive seen loads of new people join, post for a few days and then leave (assuming theyve got their £5 and left).

MrsCraig9 months ago

I don't mind the reward system as it is. I use LD for the chat section and comps mainly. I will occasionally post a deal, freebie or comp when I see one that is worth sharing. The rewards are an added bonus for me. If you are looking for rewards and have lots of time on your hands, surveys would be a good way to go.

Lynibis9 months ago

It takes same amount of time to collect each 5,000 points. It is just that you can only claim in bigger denominations as your points rise. There has been a long chat about this in the last day or so which addresses the problem.

Personally I don't see it as a problem as LD is not my employer and does not owe me anything, but they choose to reward contributors. If the rewards were higher the site might not be viable. Already there are folk who take advantage and post rubbish, deliberately expire posts, add silly chat topics etc. With more rewards these problems would escalate.

I have often said that I don't think you should get points for posting a topic unless it gets at least three replies, too many chat threads are just posted for points and do not generate genuine chat. There used to be a glut of this v. that topics, which has eased up but a couple seem to be creeping back. There are also those where a quick Google could give the required answer.

I feel LD is a great site and overall I can't find anything to complain about but as with all media platforms there are always trolls, perverse contributors, strange people who want to cause trouble etc but you will get that everywhere.

angemski9 months ago

NickSkeet I've liked many of your deals and entered a lot of your comps so I know you go for 'variety' but this platform was never going to give you the type/level of reward that you need. Surveys would be the route to choose - the ones that offer money and not gift rewards. I regularly do a couple of them but not sure I can name them here. I complete them when I have some quiet time and have earned a respectable amount that can be cashed in for vouchers or to my bank. Even though I don't take up every survey, I know that I could've completed many, many more if I had chosen to do so. May be worth googling and looking on reviews.

nipperjwb9 months ago

I don’t really mind how the rewards work. I’m saving all my points to help towards Xmas so the fact that it takes a while to get to 100000 is quite handy to be honest. I also do a couple of survey sites which don’t pay vast amounts but I have cashed out a bit from these since last xmas

Original Poster
9 months ago

Yeah have tried the survey route previously on various platforms, Found many where I would be 10 minutes in, then it would come up I am not suitable, or the surveys are long winded for little reward, not to mention the ones that when you near a goal, the survey opportunities vanish. Have been stung in the past for also the home work opportunities.

I agree with the point about people getting their 5000, posting anything and everything then leave after getting reward, but perhaps something could be sorted differently for members who are long term and regular content providers? providing only quality content

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