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It is just me or does anyone else agree that certain members on this site are allowed to be rude to other members, use offensive language and moan continually about deals and the way the site is run and yet nothing is removed, then after weeks of biting my tongue I decided to comment about the way a certain member was behaving, following another members comment who clearly felt the same way only to find that the topic has now been removed

a year ago
What do you think of this?
a year ago

Hi heatherduthie 🙂

We always try apply our guidelines equally and fairly to every member of Latest Deals.

If you ever see a comment that you think breaks the LD guidelines please do let us know via the contact form so that we can investigate. Whilst we do try and keep an eye on as much as possible we do sometimes have to rely on members' reports to get a heads up of an inappropriate comment that might otherwise go amiss.

Whole posts/topics are generally only removed if the original topic/post broke a guideline - otherwise we'll tend to remove individual comments if they've somehow broken a rule.

So, whilst I haven't checked the specific comment you're referring to, it was likely the topic itself that was the cause of the topic being removed rather than any of the comments.

Please do drop us a message via the contact form if you want to raise a concern about a specific member as we're always happy to investigate. Alternatively, there is the ability to "mute" a member on their profile to automatically hide their posts and comments. Equally please do message us if you feel any LD guidelines have been enforced unfairly. We do make mistakes but we're always very keen to try and rectify them!

I'm going to lock this thread now as I think it constitutes a support request about why your post was removed. But I hope the above is some help 🙂

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