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Sainsbury's with Necter

Money Saving

Sainsburys and necter are doing specail offers where you buy a item at a price then necter reduce it

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Getsome1 month ago

Nectar used to be good until like everywhere else made it harder and longer to get points to convert to money

Mango41 month ago

Tesco occasionally do similar offers with Clubcard and have done for a while now, offers are generally no different to what they would normally do, just need to have a nectar card to get the reduction.

BonzoBanana1 month ago

Not a fan of nectar it seems such a rubbish loyalty scheme. I've spent points on stuff like a cafe nero coffee only for it to be refused instore. I now just use them to make ebay purchases but it takes a long time to get the necessary points. I find if they offer bonus points like 200 extra points those bonus points are rarely given. They say its like a minimum 28 days before they add those points and by that time you've forgotten they should be added. I use the gmail schedule send feature to remind me about the points and I normally have to ask for them manually because they are not honoured most of the time. I rarely shop at Argos or Sainsburys because I just find the nectar scheme very off-putting.

ClaireF19781 month ago

I think the nectar app is reasonably good. They're always giving me extra points with the scratch and win things. The points seem to go on straight away as well. Having said that, I don't think I would chose sainsbury's of it wasn't for how convenient the one near work is and how cheap the petrol is.

garygemmell1 month ago

Too big a list to check the deals just have to shop and hope you buy something that converts into Nectar points!

Username501081 month ago

I like the Nectar scheme and have reached £24.87 since 19th December when I cashed in my points for Christmas, I only go maybe twice a month, though I do get fuel too. The extra bonus points offered on the app soon add up. Never had any of the problems other people speak about

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