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Probably a completely daft question I know, but if you save a competition how do you retrieve it subsequently? I love this site but the one thing I find frustrating on the competitions page is if you click the entry tab on a comp it then marks it as entered whether you have or not and it has then disappeared next time you log on. This morning I went to one competition which should have opened at 6; it was 6.18 but I got a message back saying it wasn't open yet (think they may not have re-set their clocks when the hour went back in Oct), so I have "saved" but not a clue how to get it back again later.....

2 months ago
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2 months ago

Morning 🙂

If you visit your profile (tap your avatar top right and then your username) you can then see posts you‘ve shared, liked, entered and saved.

Alternatively, you can go into your settings and change your preferences so that competitions you enter aren’t automatically hidden.

Hope that helps!

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