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Scams to Avoid While Ordering Free Samples Online


List of confirmed fake samples offers and scams online to avoid

Here is a list of confirmed fake free samples offers :

CellWest Group cell phone Accessories Fake freebies include Anti-slip mat, Phone ring holders, cell phone cases, phone wipes, etc… But they are all fake.

BeVitamins.com : avoid all BeVitamins samples, including honey sticks, honey masks and Aloe Vera sanitizer. They won’t send you anything, but take the information you gave them and sell it.

Argan-essence.com: anything that says Argan Essence including body wash, shampoo, conditioners. These products aren’t real so you not getting anything but tons of scam emails.

Greek-olive.com scam freebies including Paradosiaka Gentle Cleansing Water, T-shirts, Olive Oil Shampoo, Kalamon Olive Tapenade, Paradosiaka Herbal Greek Olive Oil, and other products. No one ever received anything from this website, and no one will. The products don’t even exist.

Firenspice.com including Smokin’ Dave’s Smoked Jalapeno hot sauce, spice mix blend, and so many other products. It’s all peanuts.

Favospa.com : same as the websites mentioned above. Avoid at all costs. There are no Himalayan salt scrub samples or whatsoever coming your way from them.

Adrasoap.com: Adra Soap isn’t a real product. No one has ever seen or received it. Confirmed scam, keep your information safe away from them.

Appleseedfood.com: Appleseed food snack samples including Bread Sticks, Lollipops, Funny Popcorn, Choco Kindle, Instant Orange Juice, Food Apple Chips, Shrimp Crackers… None is legit.

Morocosmetics.com: All Morocosmetics Shea Hand Cream or feet peel or whatever. 100% fake.

Amplecable.com: ample cables samples and all kind of electronics are as fake as they come.

Ecobeautysupply.com offers are to avoid. There are a bunch of them for beauty products like St Ives Moisturizers, Belif, Kiehl’s…

Mama Milly’s Instant Soup Mix

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
snoogans8882 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Just out of interest, how do you confirm that it is fake? Is it just information gathered from people that they have never received anything?

eyeballkerry2 months ago

Thanks for the list that is really helpful. So far I do not think I have been scammed as I do like a freebie. Last week I got dog treats ( for my dog) and now waiting for some chocolate through a survey site. I will keep you updated if that arrives.

GSM2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Luckily I haven't ordered anything from them.

MrsCraig2 months ago

I am always very careful when I order samples and if it looks suspicious then I don't order. All my freebies have been from product tests through survey sites recently, but will make a note not to use these ones.

Pjran2 months ago

Thanks for this list. Maybe the LD Team could add this on the front page of the Freebies section and continue to add to it as when.

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