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Scarlett Johansson Receives Backlash from LGBTTQQIAAP+ for Playing a Trans-Man


This article was so surreal that I wasn't even sure if I was having a weird dream or a nightmare, turns out I'm awake. lol


Hollywood directors and moneymakers pick who they want to star in their movies as it's not just the movie itself that sells but also the actors and actresses bring in popularity and hype. Does nepotism possibly have a role in all this? Well, duh. 😛

The Canadian show Schitt's Creek has a good chunk of nepotism; Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy and Sarah Levy - three main important characters who are all from the same family but do you think viewers would watch if it had someone they never heard of? Exactly (I'd not have given it a chance if it hadn't been for Eugene Levy's name on it, tbh). Despite that detail, I really like this show a lot and don't have a problem with nepotism as people are entitled to hire who they want.

P.S. I did not make up the acronym LGBTTQQIAAP+ as that's actually real.

12 days ago
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