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Does anyone do any secret dining or shopping to earn cash or free meals ? I have read about these ‘jobs’ but am unsure if it would be worth having a go and what it entails.

Thanks in advance 😊

a year ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraiga year ago

I've never done it. I think it would take up a lot of your time and wouldn't be very flexible. You would have to go to a certain shop at a certain time and there would be a criteria to follow to give feedback. I think if you have the time and do it to fill in your time then it would probably be good. Not something I would do.

sunny101a year ago

I've done some secret dining and loved it. They tend to keep you active for a limited period and then ask for new applications. (it wouldn't do for familiar faces to be regularly eating when there are complaints etc or you'd eventually get sussed) One of the restaurants I've reviewed was a favourite of mine anyway so it was really easy to stay calm and act normally. Out of the four visits I had there, two were great and two were appalling! You do get a tick sheet ahead of time so that you are clued up on what you need to assess closely. Cue Mission Impossible music...... you will need to report on:- Was the food up to scratch? were the staff neatly dressed? did they have a good knowledge of the menu? did they make sure you have no allergies? did you have to wait long to either get food or to pay the bill? were the toilets clean and all the fixings/lighting working. It goes on but it is great fun so if you have the chance do it. I once did the secret shopper and I was surprised I didn't get picked up as a shoplifter as I was so nervous and acted pretty shifty. 😄

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